Condominium and Common Area Alarm System

CondoSecure Systems have been used for decades and is a leading brand of proprietary alarm system specifically for multi-unit residential highrise applications. CondoSecure allows condominium owners to enjoy complete individual protection with a central reporting center for on-site guard staff and optional off-site alarm reporting.



Protecting property in highrise residential buildings has never been so easy or accurate. CondoSecure displays the entire condominium complex data on Windows-based PCs, for the Concierge to view the whole picture with just a glance, as well as providing a full range of recorded activity data for later review. Alarm location and type are presented clearly and color coded.

CondoSecure is perfect for both new construction as well as retro-fit applications where it is replacing an old analog annunciation system or an orphaned digital keypad system. CondoSecure technology allows the use of existing wiring in these cases.


CondoSecure is a privately owned, proudly Canadian company and all of our systems are designed and manufactured in North America.