Fully interactive setup and troubleshooting

The heart of the CondoSecure keypad system is the CS3200 Controller. This is the base unit, usually located in a garage/main level, central room of the building tower. This is where all the vertical risers terminate. The CS-series keypad lines all connect (one per riser) to this panel. The CS3200 does all the polling of the keypads and communicates the keypad status to the Security Desk PC. Unlike other systems, the CS3200 includes the software for your PC system to run CondoSecure.

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The CS3200 has a fully interactive functionality-  no need for a costly and complicated oscilloscope, days of special "technical training", no toggle switches or cryptic addresses to try to set, with only a few flashing lights for feedback. All board functions are clearly shown as well as FULL testing of riser lines, # of reporting keypads, common area zone status, HI/low shorts on common communication lines and much more.

Providing a truly All-In-One solution, the new CS3200 has an integrated 8-port RS485 hub, quick-disconnect terminal blocks, all socketed components and aux power on the CS64 port - no need for extra power supply for the optional CS64 input expansion panel.

The CS3200 offers two communication modes to the CS20-series keypads, "serial" and "addressable". Serial offers the convenience of full keypad interchangeability; that is, no need to program keypad addresses or track specific units tied to individual suites - any keypad can go into any suite. This is the absolute easiest installation model. Slightly more complicated, the "addressable" model allow full bidirectional communication with the suites, global and private messaging to the CS2020 keypad displays, audio communication (with our upcoming audio option) and more, using the onboard 8-port RS485 hub. The CS3200 can communicate with 32 risers in "serial" mode and 8 in "addressable" mode without additional RS485 hub hardware.

CS3200 System Information

Microprocessor 16bit core dedicated CPU.

Display 1024x768 SVGA required minimum resolution (for the PC that connects to the CS3200)

Printer Any standard printer connected to the user's Windows PC or available to it over a network.

Communication Ports
RS232 AND RS485 serial port to communicate with PC, unit comes with RS232USB 
converter to USB port for PC.
RS485 and TCP/IP connection options. Direct-connect and addressable options.

Integrated 8-port RS485 hub, no need for a separate board for up to 8 risers.

Unit Capacity Maximum of 32 riser (of 40 suites each - up to 80 floors/riser by assigning 2 inputs/riser) for
1280 suite monitored per panel. Unused riser inputs can be assigned to perimeter/common area zones to
a maximum of 96 common area points (with optional CS64 expansion panel)

Power Requirement External 500mA @ +12 Vdc power supply. The CS3200 does NOT distribute riser power
to the keypads.

Common Zone Monitoring Fully integrated perimeter door, panic button system. Fully customized building setup.

Extremely easy to use - "User" operator level has only 3 main screen operation buttons.

User Levels
Up to 50 Security Operators can be defined and designated as System User, System Administrator and System Technical Admin.