The CS64 is our Zone Expander module. It allows up to an additional 64 common-area dry contacts (for instance: garage exits, stairwell doors, pool IRs, sauna panic buttons) to be connected to the CS3200 panel. The CS3200 has 32 inputs, which are used for CS-series keypad risers and the remaining inputs can be used for common-area dry contacts.

For example; if your building is 20 stories high with 12 suites per floor (typical 240 condo suites in total) you would have 20 inputs remaining free on the CS3200 controller, which could be connected to 20 common-area switches or devices. If your project requires more devices to be monitored by the CondoSecure System, you need to add the CS64, which comes in a black cabinet similar to the CS3200 itself with identical mounting holes and conduit cutouts. These additional 64 inputs are for common area zones only (this does NOT allow additional risers!) to a maximum of 96 common zones, if there were no inputs used for risers.

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