The easy way to communicate with residents

Call right from the main system screen!

Still using a Rolodex? No need...

With the CondoSecure Guard Handset option, you can have an extremely easy, integrated, one-click solution to contacting residents.
When a guest arrives, your security staff needs to make a quick call to contact the resident and qualify the entry. This goes for package
delivery, drop-offs and food orders - all need to be brought to the resident’s attention and their approval obtained before entry is granted.

Your staff is also very busy with other tasks and it’s very inconvenient having to look up residents individually. From hundreds of suites
in a long list, phonebook, or Rolodex, they must find the proper phone number and dial without error, all while multitasking other issues.
With CondoSecure’s Guard Phone option for our CSp Software platform you can add a “click to call” ability. CondoSecure CSp already
has all the suite numbers shown on screen with their keypad status. A single click pops up an information box with the suite’s primary
contact information.

The CondoSecure handset is connected to your existing phone line at the security desk and can be used as a general purpose phone by the staff in addition to its automated dial-up to residents.

With Guard Handset, your staff need only click “Dial” and they are connected to the main phone number that has been set up for that suite.

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All Guard Calls are logged in the main system database for future reference and reporting.


Additionally, the CSGH provides a “Messaging to Smartphone” capability. This allows the Security Gatehouse Staff to simply click on a suite number on the display grid overview (much as they can do with the Guard Phone Dial feature) and enter a message to the resident such as “You have a package at the Gatehouse” that will be sent to the resident’s Smartphone or other registered email device. The feature includes an All-Call function that can allow the security staff to send a message to all registered residents. You must provide an internet connection to the Guard PC or some other Ethernet connection to a valid email server address.



This information is for general use only – we reserve the right to change specifications without notice or obligation. Handset may not be specifically as shown.