Retrofits are no problem with CondoSecure.

In fact, we have designed the CS2020 keypad for exactly that!

There are dozens (hundreds, in larger cities) of old condo suite security systems, ranging from mechanical annunciator systems to ancient keypad systems, many from companies that are no longer around. These "orphaned' systems have large numbers of nonfunctional suites and the Property Managers simply need a clear alternative. Our Sales Team has lots of experience and would love the opportunity to assist you with reference projects and sales tools & training focused on these retrofit market projects, making it easier for your own sales team to present CondoSecure as your company's solution to your residential property customer's problem.

With optional 3 & 4-gang mounting plate, the CS2020 is perfect for directly replacing many of the popular (and now defunct) systems from the late 1980s to the present. CondoSecure can utilize the existing wiring, allowing great savings in time and costs for retrofit upgrading of these important building systems.

The CS2020 brings a new level to retrofit! We have lots of experience in virtually ALL kinds of retrofit projects, just contact us and one of our Application Engineers will be very happy to discuss your specific project and offer a number of best-fit solutions, as well as assist in selection of PC, power units... everything you need.