Retrofits & Upgrades

Featuring integrated Suite Keypad and fob Access Control for VEREX, Europlex and other Plex-type system replacement

We have an upgrade solution for everything, in fact we have designed our systems for exactly that.

CondoSecure is the perfect upgrade solution for any older system, especially old “orphan” systems; those installed long ago made by now defunct manufacturers and those that has failed to meet expectations of your community.

There are dozens of different types of old condo suite security systems, ranging from mechanical annunciator systems to ancient keypad and "plex-type" systems. These “orphaned’ systems typically have large numbers of nonfunctional suites and the Property Managers simply need a clear alternative. Our development team and Integration Partners have extensive experience in all manner of upgrades and would love the opportunity to assist you.

With optional 3 & 4-gang mounting plates and any custom size made in our laser-cut facility, CondoSecure keypads are perfect for directly replacing any older system from the 1990s to the present.

CondoSecure utilizes the existing wiring, allowing great savings in time and costs for retrofit upgrading of these important building systems.

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