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Insuite Keypads and Access Control Systems

Fully integrated or stand-alone systems for
upgrade/retrofit and New Construction
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The perfect replacement for your orphaned Verex, Europlex and other 'plex' type systems.

Easily upgrade any system
to a modern CondoSecure.

Messaging to


Alarms & messaging to resident's Smartphone.
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Wireless Water & Door SensorsDirect-to-Keypad or with stand-alone Receiver...

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About CondoSecure Systems

CondoSecure is an integrated design and manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of advanced security systems focused for the highrise living sector.

CondoSecure Systems have been used for decades and is a leading brand of proprietary alarm system specifically for multi-unit residential highrise applications. CondoSecure allows condominium owners to enjoy complete individual protection with a central reporting center for on-site guard staff and optional off-site alarm reporting.
  Protecting property in highrise residential buildings has never been so easy or accurate. CondoSecure displays the entire condominium complex data on Windows-based PCs, for the Concierge to view the whole picture with just a glance, as well as providing a full range of recorded activity data for later review. Alarm location and type are presented clearly and color coded.
CondoSecure is perfect for both new construction as well as retro-fit applications where it is replacing an old analog annunciation system or an orphaned digital keypad system. CondoSecure technology allows the use of existing wiring in these cases.


CondoSecure is a privately owned, proudly Canadian company and all of our systems are designed and manufactured in North America.

CondoSecure System Overview

CondoSecure is a leading manufacturer of Electronic Insuite Security Keypad and Access Control systems, specializing in highrise residential applications.

Our Mission

To build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products to our customers world-wide; to be a leading global innovator, developer and provider of suite security, door entry and access-control products & systems.

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Systems for all Communities

Insuite Keypad Systems and Upgrades
We provide a range of keypad options, with custom laser-cut backplates to provide a perfect fit and finish to any Upgrade/Retrofit or New Construction project.

The perfect replacement for your Condoplex, CyberSuite or old, orphaned Verex or Europlex systems.
Fob & Garage Access Control
Fully Integrated Systems

Picture-Perfect Single-View Security Display

A picture is worth
         a thousand words…..

You need all the information at a single mouse click, and you also need all this information when it’s relevant, not a screen full of obscure text, while the one true event that needs your attention right now is buried there - somewhere.

CondoSecure has ergonomically designed all of its security software to be “single-glance and respond” drastically reducing the time required to identify an alarm or trouble condition.

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