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CSWDS Water & Door Sensors

The CSWDS is a flexible sensor which allows systems using CondoSecure Insuite Keypads to monitor for water leaks as an early warning to possible flood damage, providing alert indications to the security desk on site, as part of the CondoSecure Suite Alarm Monitoring System.

* CSWDS- W - Water Sensor with remote probe
* CSWDS- F - Water Sensor, Floor-bug style with 3mm detection legs
* CSWDS- D - Wireless Door/Magnetic Sensor, with additional connection for external dry-contact trigger

Each suite with a CS-Series keypad (with Wireless option) can connect with up to 10 CSWDS devices.

Easily registered to insuite keypads.

Alerts for:
- Sensor Water Detection/Zone Open
- Low Battery
- Failed Daily Check-in/Sensor Offline

Easy placement to fit everywhere.
With a battery-powered and compact design, this device is easy to place in leak-prone locations like bathrooms, laundry closet, under sinks, dishwashers, fan coil drip tray, etc.

The Water Sensor floor bug should never be used anywhere that water may exceed a depth of 3mm.
It is not water proof and should never be submersed or placed under a falling water source.
Applications that require that should use the Waterbug with remote sensor.
In all cases the CSWDS housing must be kept dry - Only ever allow the remote sensor to become wet.

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CSRCV Stand-Alone Wireless Receiver

The CSRCV & CSWDS make a flexible, wired +12VDC receiver and battery-powered wireless sensor system, which allows any conventional alarm
panel or other system that accepts low voltage dry contact inputs, to signal water leaks as an early warning to possible flood damage, or wireless door/sensor contacts to be added to an existing system. The Receiver provides 2-Channel outputs, each channel can be assigned up to 5 wireless devices (10 total per receiver). Relays are Normally Closed. Each channel works as a loop of sensors; any open magnetic sensor (no magnet in range) or any triggered Water sensor on a channel, will open the associated relay. A Trouble contact output is also provided, opening on any sensor with Low Battery, Failed Daily Check-in, or power fail to Receiver.
Internal and External view LEDs show channel/relay contact and trouble status, in coded flashes to indicate device(s).

* CSRCV - Receiver with 2 channel relays + Trouble relay outputs

The CSRCV can connect with up to 10 CSWDS devices, assignable to Zone 1 or Zone 2.
Relays output for:
- Sensor Water Detection/Zone Open
on programmable Channel 1 or 2
- Indicator lights for Zone Open 1 & 2,
Sensor Low Battery, Sensor Offline

Sensor Specifications:
Colour: White
Material: ABS/PLA
Wireless Technology: 915MHz ISM Band
Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 85C
Power: CR2450 Battery
Size: 70w * 40d * 18h mm (+3mm w/legs)
Range: 1000 meters typical line-of-sight with
excellent wall/obstacle penetration
Weight: Approx. 85g / 3oz

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Water and Magnetic Door Sensor
Wireless System to CondoSecure Keypad
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