CS-NKS No-Keypad / Door Contact Only System

The CondoSecure CS-NKS “No Keypad System” allows the CondoSecure CSp software and CS3200 “Suite Controller” to be used in a building where there are no CS20-series keypad installed, only the door contacts hardwired back to a central location. This is ideal for retrofit of an old existing “door contact only” alarm system. Once installed, the building security staff can use the award winning CondoSecure CSp software on a modern Windows PC, with all the functionality of a typical “insuite keypad system”, with the addition of a click-to-arm/disarm function, so that the security staff can turn the security on and off for suites, from the security desk.

All the other benefits of upgrading to the CondoSecure CSp software are then available, such as full report logging into an SQL database, guard login, tracking and password protection, as well as the CondoSecure Birdseye Overview of the building(s) that is usual with a full keypad system.
The CS-NKS can monitor up to 512 suite door contacts as well as up to 128 common-area zone contacts such as garage door exits, panic buttons, motion detectors and more.

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