The Problem of VEREX Leaving the Market

Orphaned Insuite Keypads
and Fob Access Control Systems

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As you may have heard recently, a company named Interlogix has left the security system market entirely. They were the manufacturer of a product called “VEREX” that was very popular from about the year 2002 to recently, providing the insuite keypad and fob security systems for many buildings. Chubb Security also sold the VEREX system with their own brand name on it.

Their sudden departure from the market with very little notice blindsided industry reps and system integrators alike.


How do you tell if you have a VEREX system that is affected by this?

  • Most VEREX fob readers and insuite keypads have “VEREX” printed right on them. Simply look at them to see if they are VEREX brand.


What does this mean if your building has VEREX insuite keypad or fob access control?

  • Your community will no longer be able to reliably access parts and support once your system supplier runs out of spare parts, only used parts scavenged from other upgrade projects will be available. Fobs will be very hard to acquire.


This is not unprecedented, with companies such as Europlex, Digiquad, and others, being closed down in recent years by their large parent companies who desired to focus on other more lucrative business such as Fire Systems. This resulted in a large number of communities with “orphaned” keypad and fob systems, many of which have upgraded to CondoSecure as a complete replacement. 

Meanwhile, solutions to this Verex situation have included trying to source old, used equipment online from eBay etc. 

Indeed, the suggestion in December by Interlogix was that their current dealers should encourage customers to purchase multiple spare parts now. While this would be a nice “win” for Interlogix, to capitalize one last time on their now defunct systems and sell off remaining inventory, it is of course only a temporary solution for current system owners. This is ultimately a waste of capital that could go to a permanent solution for your residents and owners. 

A longer term more financially sensible solution is to upgrade these systems. Although a new system should last 20 to 25 years, many VEREX systems are already in the 10-16 year range. It is not unreasonable to consider fully upgrading to a system that is both reliable and has been around for the long term, ideally one that is fully focused on this market segment, as opposed to those that consider the highrise living security market a secondary or opportunistic market.


NOTE: There is another company, ICT “Protégé” and their dealers, offering an upgrade path with used parts from old Verex systems “to save costs” and running it concurrently with their new and what seems to be *very expensive* system on the same PC (we can do this same basic trick), but ultimately selling a vastly more expensive system only, in smaller stages. 

It’s like a financial shell-game of purchasing a Ferrari on a credit card with just a small down payment, it’s less money upfront, however it’s a LOT more expensive a year from now as the rest of the system is changed over and by then your community is essentially locked in to them! Good money after bad. Considering the actual costs of a full upgrade, covered next, is it really worth the small initial savings and kicking the one-time hassle of a full upgrade further down the road, disrupting your community multiple times for several “smaller upgrades”, to save a little cost upfront – and greater expense overall ultimately?


A full retrofit is much more economical that you may initially think. While costs can vary a great deal depending on the system selected, and the system integrator chosen to supply it, as a ballpark; an insuite keypad upgrade for a 200 suite condo tower could cost as little as a few $10s of thousand.

Contact us for details if you would be interested in a much sharper budgetary estimate for your community.


Things to consider when looking at a retrofit system:

  • Is the new system compatible with the existing wiring?

(Having to rewire the building is both very expensive and very inconvenient for the residents)

  • Does the system have a method for matching the wall footprint of the older system, so walls do not need any special refinishing once the upgrade is completed?
  • Are old fobs reusable with the new system?


In the suites, a good retrofit keypad will install using the same wiring as the old VEREX (or other, older defunct system) and have a similar size and backplate system for providing a quality fit and finish in your resident’s homes, with minimal inconvenience. 

As mentioned, there are systems that were installed by “Chubb” in some projects, which is actually a re-branded VEREX system locked to Chubb for service along with expensive monthly fees. There are also a few labeled “Guardall”. These systems are suffering the same fate with VEREX leaving the market. Here are the three brands, which are all “VEREX” in fact, private labeled.


With an experienced integrator, one that does lots of system upgrade work, these upgrades take just a few days – a typical 200 suite tower can be upgraded in less than a week, at about 60 suites per day, with a day for system finishing on the ground floor. Work in the suites is quick, often just 7 or 8 minutes per suite.

Of course, many times the thought arises in Boards that, “Well, not very many people use the system, should we even bother?” Sometimes the Declaration of the Corporation provides this system and it really should continue to be provided – other times it seems optional. When you think of the number of people that use the system “every day” it is usually low, but it should be kept in mind that overall, on an annual basis, a very HIGH number of residents will use the alarm system for their one or two vacations, when their home is not occupied for weeks at a time. Many owners may also qualify for a discount on their homeowners insurance as long as a functional keypad system is in place. This can virtually pay for the retrofit/upgrade over just a year or two.


Sometimes systems can be upgraded on a “per suite / opt-in” basis, where the Corporation pays for the common area equipment and the individual residents can ‘opt-in’ at some low cost of perhaps $100, to have their keypad upgraded. This has been done for communities that have already had expenditures that depleted their Reserve. We have many other options for deferring costs or splitting between 2 budget years.


For the fob/card access system, the most important consideration would generally be to find an upgrade system that can allow you to continue using existing credentials (fobs and garage remote ‘clickers’). Replacing these is by far the greatest expense in changing over a fob access system, and finding a replacement system that will allow you to continue using the existing fobs while being able to add new non-Verex ones going forward, will make the upgrade vastly less expensive. Note that this is not already possible, as some Verex system are ‘locked’ to the dealer, meaning only they can get fobs compatible for the system they installed. If locked, it is a problem for ANY dealer looking to upgrade, but as a manufacturer we a system for working around this also in most cases.


Lastly, look for a company that is in it for the long term. A Canadian company that focuses on highrise living security isn’t likely to ever “leave the market” at the behest of a larger overseas parent company. While there are a few newer companies you may look at, it is most desirable to have one that has specialized in this field for decades and whose system is widely available to any dealer and integrator company that you may choose to work with now, or in the future.

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