Insuite Keypad Systems

CondoSecure’s Insuite Keypad System is a complete security system specifically tailored to highrise residential and office buildings. It allows security or concierge personnel to monitor all of the security devices in the building, from the insuite alarm keypads, to sauna panic buttons, garage exit doors and smoke detectors. It displays alarms in real-time on a local security operator’s display.
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CS2022 SuiteTouch KeypadUltra Modern TouchscreenMix and Match with CS2020 Classic Keypad

The CS2022 SuiteTouch is our ultra-modern touchscreen Keypad. Offering all of the features of the Classic keypad plus on-screen time & date, easy menu driven actions for all programming, operation and user history log.

In addition to the mounting and backplate options of the CS2020, the SuiteTouch can also operate in PORTRAIT (vertical) mode, useful for installations with restricted horizontal space.

CS2020 Classic Keypad

CondoSecure’s CS2020 is our Classic Keypad, the standard installation for most projects. It’s both very cost effective and full featured, allowing the connection of a large variety of typical in-suite protection devices.

A variety of mounting options and backplates are available for any sort of retrofit installation.

CS4858 Advanced Suite Controller Panel / Riser Board

The CS4858 is an 8-channel riser, high-speed communication/distribution panel providing system capabilities and additional keypad functionality, such as remote password configuration, time setting and reset. It is perfect for use in retrofit projects where the wiring is in place but exact wiring layout is not able to be determined.

Keypads connect in parallel manner for this style system and have enhanced bidirectional communication, control, and messaging capabilities.

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