Elevator Restriction - CSECU & CSREL16

CondoSecure’s ECU Elevator Control Units integrate with the CS550x network, allowing complete control for Elevator Access, individual card level restrictions and single-click groups for the Security Staff to unlock floors for visitors. The system can work with up to 16 elevator cabs to a maximum of 112 floors/cab (with 7 x CSREL-16 modules).

CondoSecure’s Access Control with ECUs provides true ‘stacking’ of elevator calls, so multiple user events will not overwrite already in-progress ECU events.

CS-ECU connects to the elevator system by way of FORM-C relays, with options for ‘All relay Override’ and ‘Always ON’ operation for power-fail-safe operation.

The CSECU Master board requires 50ma from a +12Vdc supply.

Each CSREL-16 Relay board requires a maximum of 700ma @ +12Vdc, with all 16 relays energized. A full system with 112 relays, all energized would take approximately 5AMP @ +12Vdc.

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