The CS5504 Four Door Controller

The CS5504 has all of the features of the CS5501 in a full 4-door controller with setup and troubleshooting capabilities provided by a unique addition of an alphanumeric display and keypad. This provides far more information than the simple few status lights typically found on other panels.

Flexible power, requiring a ~16VAC transformer per panel or share a larger +12Vdc supply between multiple panels.

The CS5504 has a powerful 32-bit MCU and retains a local time-base clock and the FULL system database locally, so it makes all access decisions instantly at the controller without any need for the main PC to be online at all.

A multitude of correlations are available based on any of the 8 door & RTE inputs as well as any of the 8 additional general purpose I/O lines and panel/reader/access events. The CS5504 has 8 FORM-C relays (2/reader), all of which are fully controllable via correlation triggers as well.

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