CS2008 Smoke Early Warning System

The CondoSecure Early Smoke/Gas Warning consists of our interface controller and CS2008 panels connected to standard smoke detectors, gas detectors, or water/flood sensors, in each suite and reports the sensor's status to the Security Desk.

The CS2008 shares the same proven electronics as the CS20xx-series security keypads, without any user buttons. It is just the reporting electronics, small enough to fit easily inside a standard 2-gang to 4-gang electrical box, which can be covered once the connections are made.

For instance, when an insuite smoke detector goes into alarm, the CS2008 will transmit the signal to the Security Desk right away, before the situation would trigger the primary fire alarm in the building. This provides an opportunity to prevent a minor event, such as burnt toast, to escalate unattended into a full emergency.

The main PC Birds-Eye View display are virtually identical to the security display for keypad systems, but do not indicate arm/disarm or show open suite doors, only the detector alarm status is displayed.

Any sensor devices can be connected, as long as they provide a dry-contact output. Connection polarity (N/O or N/C for alarm) is programmed into the main CondoSecure PC.


The CS2008 Smoke Early Warning is just that, an "early warning" and it does not replace nor connect to a building's primary fire detection and alarm system - it is a supplemental system designed to provide a window of opportunity in the event of an initially minor smoke detection event. The system's ability to provide warning is completely dependent on the sensitivity and placement of the detectors, which are not provided by CondoSecure.


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