Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CondoSecure System?

CondoSecure is a complete security system specifically tailored to highrise residential buildings. It allows security or concierge personnel to monitor all of the security devices in the building, from insuite alarm keypads, fob access control points, sauna panic buttons & garage exits, smoke detectors & more. It displays alarms in real-time on the operator’s display PC.

Will CondoSecure work in my building?

Yes. CondoSecure is designed to work with today’s most popular security, fire and building alarm edge devices. CondoSecure works in both new buildings as well as in existing buildings and upgrades of old "keypad" and "fob" systems. 

How does CondoSecure work?

The CS Main Controller and CSp-Software links to the insuite Keypads. These have connections to the front suite door as well as available connections for infrared detectors, additional patio-door/window switches, smoke and CO alarms, and panic buttons. Activation of these when armed will cause the CondoSecure display software to show the alarm cause and location on the security operator’s screen. Fob access doors are fully controlled, if added to the system.

Who uses CondoSecure?

CondoSecure has been used in condominiums, office towers, hospitals, hotels, and other buildings just like yours, around the world.

Is CondoSecure difficult to set up?

Not if you are used to configuring standard alarm panels. A little upfront organization is all that is required. CondoSecure is programmed with riser connection information, how many risers and what suite numbers are used in each.

Can I customize the look of my CondoSecure?

Yes. While CondoSecure comes pre-programmed with an intuitive red, yellow, green and blue color scheme for devices in alarm, trouble, normal status and ‘open’, you can choose a customer building screen heading. Once you program the physical connection information into CondoSecure, you are free to layout the building suite numbers for the operator however you wish.

Can I monitor an HVAC system with the CondoSecure System?

Yes. The CondoSecure System works with any devices that provide dry-contact status inputs & outputs.

Can messages be sent to residents from the system?

Yes. CondoSecure has an option to let the Concierge message residents to their Smartphones using text or email, all recorded in the system’s database.

How does CondoSecure color coding work?

Usually, suite numbers are displayed in normal black-on-white text. Open doors will flash blue while alarms will flash red. Armed suites and common area doors are displayed as yellow. The operator always has an instant “Bird’s-eye” view of the entire building status. When alarms occur there is also an audible alarm tone and additional visual cues to alert security staff. Access control points are shown with animated door graphics to show their live status.

I have an old, ‘orphaned’ insuite system. Will CondoSecure work with the existing wiring?

Yes, in almost all cases. The CondoSecure Keypads (both the Classic LCD Display and SuiteTouch touchscreen pads) fit over a standard single or 2-gang electrical box with optional plates to fit any other custom size areas. They use 2 power wires and 2 communication wires, just like older, obsolete 'plex' systems, so existing building wiring can be used - a substantial savings.

Can I use CondoSecure to integrate my Fire and other Security Systems?

Yes, to a certain extent. CondoSecure is often used as a supplementary fire 'early warning' system, connecting insuite smoke and CO detectors to the insuite keypad, for monitoring and display on the CondoSecure PC display.

Can I monitor more than one building from a single computer?

Yes. The CondoSecure software can connect to up to six towers with CS4858 Main Controllers in each. 

What kind of computer will I need?

CondoSecure Software runs on most modern desktop PCs, laptops, flat-panel, and touch screen computers with Windows 10 or newer operating system. The PC needs one available USB port for connection to the suite main controllers, and an additional USB is integrating with CondoSecure fob access systems.

Our onsite guards are part time. Can we still use CondoSecure?

Yes. CondoSecure has an optional RemoteReport IP Communicator which allows alarm reporting to CondoSecure certified Central Stations, using standard alarm panel protocols, either for the whole building or for individual suites that prefer a higher level of security.

What other optional features are there?

CondoSecure keypads can monitor for "non-motion" in suites, with overall and individual suite timer. This is for signaling a Wellness Check of a suite if no motion is detected from the insuite motion detector for typically 12 hours (completely adjustable). There is also an optional Temperature Sensor feature that can provide a basic heat-map of the suites, to alert Management if there is a too hot or too cold suite in the community. Water sensor systems are also a perfect add-on to the insuite monitoring capability and may even help reduce insurance costs.

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