New condo towers were in mind when we designed our premium CS2020 LCD keypad. With a user-friendly backlit text display and backlit rubber buttons, the sleek molded housing and keypad cover of the CS2020 can fit into any upscale interior design.

Several important features, such as dedicated Emergency button and door chime functions are standard, as is the ability to connect to popular wireless call/emerg buttons and pendants.

With the CS2020, you can specify inexpensive single-gang boxes for installation, and a 1/2" vertical riser conduit.

The RemoteReport option provides a path to recurring revenue while giving
a higher level of security to those residents that are more security minded.
Each suite can optionally have their alarms sent offsite to a commercial
alarm monitoring company.

The CondoSecure front-end software can share space on the Concierge PC with most access control or other systems, alleviating some of the crowding
of systems at the central security desk.

We have all the right solutions for virtually any configuration of new construction project. Contact us, we are very pleased to share our wealth of experience with all aspects of system design and installation with you.